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Chris shooting 46" C bow with a 33" arrow

Doctor Chris le Roux from the University of South Africa (UNISA) hunting in the veld.

Bill Hansen from Michigan drawing Sassanian style bow w/Hwarang ears

Billy Hansen from Michigan, is shooting a Hun style bow w/Hwarang ears

Jerry Rochowiak from Michigan is shooting a Hunnic bow.

LilJoe in North Carolina with a short 43'' Hunnic bow.

Chris shooting crows with carbon shafts, can get expensive. But as he says, what is a heaven for if a man's reach cannot exceed his grasp.

On this and the previous picture (above right) Chris is shooting two bows one which is asymmetrical right handed and one which is symmetrical left handed.

Dennis Skudney in Arizona with a 43'' Hunnic bow, rosewood, tonkin bamboo and tulipwood siyas.

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