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The Three Bogatyrs and IIya Repin's famous painting of the Zaporozhiyian Host, The Cossack Brotherhood's reply to the demands of Sultan Mohammed IV, in 1675, known through history as "The Cossack Letter", or "The Most Defiant Letter", together with the Bulgarian Khans represent the bowyer's ancestry.

During the Russian Revolution when the Whites lost the struggle against the Reds the bowyer's great grandfather left the Steppes as did tens of thousands of Cossacks and settled in the Balkans, in Serbia and Bulgaria. Countries which are akin in culture and language to Russian-Ukrainian.

The bowyer's great grandfather was a Cossack colonel whose people originally came from Zaporozhye, but in the seventeen hundreds the Empress Katherine fearing its power disbanded the Zaporozhyian Host and sent them east into the Kuban, the Caucasus and Siberia to defend the Empire.

From Bulgaria the bowyer's great grandparents, grandmother being Bulgarian emigrated to Manitoba, Canada in the early 1920's. So, one can appreciate that the bowyer comes by his skills in training horses, riding, shooting, making horsebows naturally from the great military tradition and horse culture from which he has descended.

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